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Donors and Sponsors

Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County - Repass-Rodgers Prenatal and Early Childhood Fund

A series of grants from the Repass-Rodgers fund got Birth Network off to a great start and kept us going for the first several years. The vision of Sally-Christine Rodgers enabled Birth Network of Santa Cruz to be the first nonprofit Birth Network to form around the then new Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative.

Many thanks to Sites to Go for their expert advice as well as discounted and donated services as our new website hosts and designers.

Cruzio Internet generously hosted our website since we began a presence on the web in the late 90s through 2010. Thank you so very much for your support and interest in our organization.


Charity Focus, then a brand-new nonprofit organization, helped us develop our original website many years ago. This organization has grown by leaps and bounds, helping many other nonprofits get a presence on the web.

Woman's Foundation of San Francisco

Birth Network received a Latina Outreach grant from the Woman's Foundation of San Francisco that enabled us to develop materials in Spanish as well as explore some of the maternity-related needs of the Latina community.