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Providers for Massage & Bodywork

Massage, craniosacral, and physical therapy and other forms of bodywork can ease the discomforts experienced in pregnancy and the postpartum period. Practitioners have special training in serving pregnant and postpartum women, as well as tables or equipment designed to accommodate pregnant women. Some practitioners make home visits. Body soreness resulting from giving birth or from the stresses of nursing and caring for a newborn are common. A postpartum massage is a wonderful way for a woman (or her partner) to heal from the birth experience.


Resources listed are provided for your information only; please interview and choose carefully to find the care that is right for you.

Amelia Foster Physical Therapy
Amelia Foster
4125 Portola Dr.
Santa Cruz , CA 95066
(831) 204-8429

Pelvic floor physical therapy and integrative wellness coaching focusing on yoga, Pilates, gentle bodywork, and holistic management of women's health
Ruth Coffin
315 Brackney Rd
Ben Lomond , CA 95005
(650) 400 4237

Honor the amazing changes as your baby grows with Prenatal Massage, and deepen the level of relaxation you can achieve for healthy birthing. Supports couples struggling with infertility using 1:1 relaxing touch and receptivity exercises. Nationally Certified and recognized by Allure Magazine, "Best of" 2004, for Prenatal Massage.
Seek Optimal Health, P.C.
Lee Ann Cuny, D.O.
550 Water Street, Suite K4
Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(831) 423-2298

Osteopathic physician double-boarded in osteopathic manipulation and integrative medicine, comfortable treating all ages. Extensive training in cranial and biodynamic osteopathy. Additional training in homeopathy, nutritional supplements, detoxification, and hormone balancing. Non-invasive myofascial laser treatments and collaboration with dentists doing infant frenectomies to support successful breastfeeding and long-term orofacial function.
Wild Creek Healing Arts
Inna Dagman
320 River street
Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(415) 6724259

Inna is a birth doula and a licensed massage therapist specializing in Craniosacral therapy for the pre-natal-postpartum continuum, including work with infants.
Maria Fernandez Manual Therapy
Maria Fernandez
108 Locust St, Suite 3
Santa Cruz , ca 95060
(831) 818-3237

Supporting pregnant women to feel comfortable in their bodies as they change and grow so that they can be relaxed and strong as their bodies transform. In addition, providing support postpartum to reconnect and reintegrate into the body.

I work with a sliding scale
Full Moon Birth and Family Wellness Center
Sunshine Tomlin, LM
701 Mission St
Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(831) 454-8031

Full Moon Family Wellness and Birth Center offers services beginning with fertility, throughout the childbearing year and beyond. We have services for every family regardless of intended place of birth. Nourishing individuals, families, and our community.
Yoga Doula Care
Kate Giampapa Friel
40 Sears Circle
Soquel , CA 95073
(973) 615-6319

My offerings as a Doula are to provide you with education during pregnancy, help you prepare for labor and delivery through yoga and breath work, prenatal massage, as well as be a calm and confident advocate for you and your family during your BIRTH day! I will set you up for success and prep you for the "fourth trimester". I support all families regardless of your background. Please call me and let's see if we are a good fit! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Vital Lymph with Vanessa Hemingway
Vanessa Hemingway
P.O. Box 2580
Santa Cruz , CA 95062
(831) 705-3014

Vanessa Hemingway, OTR, CLT specializes in lymphatic drainage massage, a soothing and effective form of detoxifying the body during and after pregnancy. Reduce swelling and risk of varicose veins, improve circulation for mom and baby, decrease carpal tunnel and nerve-related symptoms, improve labor outcomes and newborn health, speed healing after c-section, feel better and experience restorative sleep!
Crescent Bear Midwifery
Emily Hites
515 Broadway
Santa Cruz , California 95060
(303) 775-9833

I'm a Licensed Midwife providing homebirth services for low risk women + collaborative care for those who wish to birth in the hospital. I offer prenatal, birth and postpartum services as well as well-woman care, annual exams and placenta encapsulation. I also have available appointments for Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Pre and Postnatal Massage and Holistic Pelvic Care. My approach is ecological and evidence based with a respect for nature and reverence for birth.
Holistic Sister
Gretchen Retka
Santa Cruz , CA 95065
(218) 851-7556

Certified Professional Birth Doula Activist
Certified Massage Therapist
Placenta encapsulation
With hundreds of births supported in the last 12 years as a Certified Doula, it is with a warm heart & open mind I offer support. Pre & postnatal massages, a focus on optimal fetal positioning through spinning babies exercises & other body balancing techniques for comfort pre & during labor. Combining my background in performing arts (movement/body studies) yoga, meditation/mindfulness & a lifetime caring for children. Called to this work through my dreams & lineage (Grandmother was a L &D nurse)
Holistic Women's Wellness
Shannon Innis CYI, CMP, AIMI
5905 Soquel Drive
Suite 200
Soquel , California 95073
(831) 4197552

Providing massage and yoga services for women and infants during the child-bearing year and beyond. Shannon lovingly supports women as they are born into mothers with prenatal/postpartum massage, private infant massage instruction, mobile prenatal, couples and postpartum yoga instruction. "My life's work is supporting women physically and emotionally."
Golden Chiropractic
Goldberry Jacques-Maynes
9053 Soquel Drive
Aptos , CA 95003
(831) 661-5577

Dr. Goldi specializes in the care of prenatal and postpartum patients. With over 15 years of clinical experience she is also trained in several prenatal care techniques: Webster Technique, Spinning Babies and Dynamic Body Balancing/Cranial Sacral Unwinding (Level I, II and III). Dr. Goldi provides patient centered care that may include: manual adjusting, craniosacral release, Activator, drop, soft tissue work, and more.
Jenny Johnston, L.Ac., FABORM
Jenny Johnston
550 Water St, Building K
Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(831) 535-3785

Jenny is deeply dedicated to caring for women and their families before, during and after the perinatal year, using a safe, natural and effective approach. She collaborates with other birth workers as a member of Birthpoint to offer acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle counseling, massage, doula skills, and more to help women achieve a safe, healthy, and satisfying transition into motherhood. Acupuncture can be used in a variety of ways to promote maternal and fetal health through the childbearing year. In many cases it is an ideal form of treatment as it offers women a safe, natural and drug-free way to improve quality of life, provide relief for a multitude of problems that can arise during the perinatal time and prevent them from becoming serous enough to necessitate medical treatment. See website for the many conditions acupuncture can help during the perinatal year:
Jenny Putt Physical Therapy
1001 Delaware Ave
Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(831) 227-4331

Jenny specializes in perinatal pelvic floor physical therapy. She serves those who are trying to conceive, pregnant and postpartum. She offers a wide range of services both virtual and in-person including individual and group pelvic floor physical therapy, workshops, online programs and fitness programming. She will be offering childbirth education soon. Jenny believes every individual should have access to pelvic floor health especially those having children. She treats diagnoses such as incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and all orthopedic pains such as low back, neck, hip, sacral, shoulder and wrist. Her treatments are individualized and use a combination of hands on manual therapy and exercise with an emphasis on functional weight lifting since everyone who has a kid lifts a progressively heavier weight all day!
Lisa Piediscalzi, L.Ac., IBCLC
Lisa Piediscalzi
(831) 334-7250

Craniosacral therapy and breast/chestfeeding support for newborns-toddlers. Acupuncture and craniosacral therapy for parents during the childbearing years. Housecalls available in Santa Cruz County.
Crystal Lyons
(831) 818-4562

Offering loving, nurturing care for new mothers and families. As a mother of three, Crystal brings experience, knowledge and compassion to her work and holds the postpartum season in high regard as a very sacred time in life to be honored and protected. She is a trained herbalist, birth and postpartum doula, certified aromatherapy bodywork practitioner and fitness coach. It is her joy to serve clients with a calm, humble Spirit of gratitude and reverence.
Empowered Transitions
Patricia Poritzky
Santa Cruz , California 95060
(831) 419 2747

As a Birth and Postpartum Doula, I am dedicated to advocating for and empowering my clients during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum experience. With certifications and experience in massage and yoga, I help create a serene and supportive environment for birthing individuals, regardless of their preferences and circumstances. I have comprehensive knowledge and training in prenatal and postpartum massage, trauma-informed care, home birth, VBAC, nutrition, babywearing, and breastfeeding.
I am also a seasoned life transition doula, in addition to my work as a birth doula. I have supported people and families through significant life changes during divorce, natural disasters, relocations, death, and health problems. My combination of skills and knowledge as both a birth doula, life transition doula and end of life doula, allow me to be a compassionate and knowledgeable source of support for individuals and families throughout all phases of life.
Santa Cruz Midwives Inc
Sharon Potteiger LM, CPM
530 Ocean St, Ste A
Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(831) 471-7072

With over 50 years of combined experience, Sharon and Serena create a circle of support for you and your family throughout the childbearing year. Complimentary therapies are integrated throughout our practice including acupressure, aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbal remedies, and waterbirth. We want you to be involved in your care and make empowered decisions. Schedule your free interview via our website,
Raíces y Cariño | RC Fam
1205 Freedom Blvd
Watsonville , CA 95076
(831) 288-3105

Raíces y Cariño/RC FAM is a Multicultural, Multilingual, Inclusive Community Center.

We offer support for parenting, pregnancy, birth, play center, teens, loss, LGBTQ+, Special Needs, Family Events, Grandparents - Connecting our WHOLE community.

Sliding scale. Todos son bienvenidos aquí.
Earth Essence Acupuncture
Jeannine Ruskin LAc CMT
770 26th Avenue, Suite A
Santa Cruz , California 95062
(831) 200-4325

**I am so excited to announce that my practice now has a pre/post-natal Master Massage Table, allowing for safe, comfortable face down treatments at all stages of pregnancy!

I have been called the Acupuncture Fairy by some in the birth community, swooping in to lighten and smooth out tensions and imbalances common during pregnancy, labor and post-partum recovery. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist as well as a Certified Massage Therapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, am certified in Five Elements as well as traditional Chinese Medicine, with a focus on balancing body-mind-spirit. I am trained in Western and Eastern herbology, and craft my own Flower Essences and herbal teas and tinctures. My treatments are both nurturing and effective at clearing discomfort in the body, preparing the system on all levels for a healthy organic birth, and providing postpartum balancing. As a Massage Therapist and energy healer for over 20 years, I know how to ease discomfort from the body. There is an option to integrate into treatments Pre-Natal massage, Cranial Sacral, yummy Swedish/Eselan, Deep Tissue, Tui Na, Myofascial Release, and of course cupping or guasha. I also offer monthly Pediatric Lunar Treatments for newborns through age 7, offer outcalls for labor and postpartum support, and accept some insurance providers.
Soul Purpose Massage
Stephanie Mabie
9019 Soquel Dr.
Suite LD
Aptos , CA 95003
(831) 566-0258

Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Prenatal (table with belly cutout), Postpartum, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Reflexology.
Santa Cruz Pelvic Health
Taflyn Wilschinsky Jen Rawlins
701 Mission Street
Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(831) 461-8075

We are two doctors of physical therapy, (Taflyn and Jen), specializing in pelvic health for the past several years. We love working with folks during pregnancy to prepare for childbirth and resolve pain or other pelvic pelvic health related symptoms that may arise with pregnancy, such as incontinence, prolapse and diastasis, as well as supporting parents with postpartum recovery and return to exercise or other activities. At Santa Cruz Pelvic Health, we use a combination of hands on treatment, movement and exercise training pre and postpartum to address any and all pelvic health concerns and offer virtual sessions if preferred.
Well Woman Health Coaching
Sarah Wise
PO Box 246
Davenport , CA 95017
(831) 239-6222

I provide support to women during pregnancy and postpartum with massage therapy and postpartum doula support. My health coaching work is centered around helping women prepare for the postpartum period, heal from birth and navigate the postpartum period with more ease.