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Providers for Doula (Postpartum)

A postpartum doula helps a new mother and her partner/family make the transition into parenthood by offering physical and emotional support in the first weeks after birth. Postpartum doulas provide breastfeeding and baby care tips, and may also help with cooking, light housekeeping, entertaining siblings, and more. The supportive ear and attentive eye of the postpartum doula can help to ease the worries of the first weeks of motherhood and to connect the family to resources and information. Other family members may also benefit from postpartum doula care by being freed from household duties to be able to spend more time with mother and baby. Even if you don't anticipate needing a postpartum doula, keep a couple of names handy in case you find you've have changed your mind after the birth. Many postpartum doulas book well in advance.


Resources listed are provided for your information only; please interview and choose carefully to find the care that is right for you.

4th Trimester Doula Services Intl.
Maria Varvoutis
26 Via Buena Vista
Monterey , California 93940
(831) 264-7240

4th Trimester Doula Services Intl. was created to empower, support, and nourish the mom and birthing partner from birth to throughout the postpartum period, commonly referred to as the 4th Trimester. Our services range from working together to achieve your feeding goals, light house cleaning, pelvic floor connection from birth to postpartum, newborn care, and advocating for the mother's physical and mental recovery. What can we NOT do for you?
Seeds Doula Services
Savannah Tucker
14411 big basin way
Boulder Creek , California 95006
(805) 819-1111

I offer postpartum care services. I specialize in warming body care, nutritional home cooked meals, broths, and hand-picked teas. I come from a tradition of nurturing the body by feeding it with loving intentional hands. I offer holistic care, supporting clients in preparing their bodies, relaxing their minds, understanding their emotions, and opening their homes for the arrival of the newest member(s) of their family. I provide evidence-based resources so that parents can stay informed and feel prepared to advocate for their family plan. My mission is to hold space for your healing and to help you feel educated and empowered in all of your parenting decisions
Anathea Abele
3001 branciforte dr
santa cruz , california 95065
(831) 334-6064

Welcome to this new chapter in life. Your family has just grown and baby is here, you are doing an amazing job already! Now it is time to rest, bond, and receive nourishment. This is where I come in. My name is Anathea and I am a duel certified doula. Previously I worked as an infant nanny for many years. This is where I began to see the want and need for postpartum care. As your postpartum doula I am there to help you navigate this big transformation one step at a time. I am there as an ear to listen, to offer advice and techniques, to hold your baby while you rest, or make you a meal or a cup of tea. I am there to run an errand for you, or empty the dishes in your dish washer. As your postpartum doula I am there for you. Some of the services I regularly provide are birth processing, infant feeding support, self care practices {vaginal steams, herbal teas, salt scrubs, etc}, meals, light housework, errands, partner support, and sibling care. I look forward to meeting you and learning how I can best support your family.
Beth Lilienthal - Postpartum Doula Care
Beth Lilienthal, PCD
Santa Cruz County , CA
(831) 588-7367

You have done an amazing job carrying and birthing your's now time for you and your family to be cared for as well! As a postpartum doula I am honored to be invited into your home during this exciting time. Your postpartum support is just as important as your prenatal care. With my physical and emotional support for you, your baby, and your family - the amazing transition into parenthood can be a smooth one. Every family is unique and my support will change as your families needs change in those early days, weeks and months. I offer morning and nighttime care; educating and assisting you in everything newborn! Soothing techniques, coping skills, breastfeeding assistance, bottle feeding, nutritious snacks and meals - all which can help you rest and recover and focus your energy on bonding with your new baby. I am a certified postpartum doula through DONA International and a Nursing Mothers Counselor. I have had many hours of training in breastfeeding assistance. Sliding scale if needed.
Beyond Birth
MonaSanta Cruz , CA 95065
(831) 275-2039

Birth and Postpartum services in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Clara County.
Central Coast Doula Services
Nora Yerena
Watsonville , CA
(559) 287-8934

Empowering the Mother through Evidence-Based Care - Birth and postpartum support, breastfeeding educators, and evidence-based parenting education. Our specialties include: natural & medicated birth; Cesarean & VBAC delivery; LGBT, adoption, & surrogate families; premature birth; and multiples.
Madrone Midwifery
Madrone Mireille Cervelli
Santa Cruz , CA 95062
(831) 566-1167

Home Birth Midwifery care, including water birth, for low-risk clients. Home Birth care includes the same full spectrum of prenatal and postpartum care that you would receive in an OB/GYN office, and includes additional postpartum care provided in the comfort of your home with your baby.

Additional services include placenta encapsulation, pre & post natal yoga, mother blessing ceremonies, reiki energy work, and life coaching. Birth & Postpartuum Doula services are also available.

Madrone Mireille has been providing birth support in the community for over 16 years as has attended over 300 births. As a midwife she provides all of your primary medical care with a personalized touch, and as a doula she provides labor support both in the home and in a hospital or birth center.
Pitaka Christie Close
2395 Delaware Ave.
Santa Cruz , Calif 95060
(916) 694-9440

I arrive with my COVID test results in hand and provide 24-7 newborn care from birth to six weeks of age. I am a trained vegetarian cook and offer bed rest care for mom if needed, help with establishing breastfeeding, bottle feeding if requested/needed, cleaning and organizing all baby care equipment, nursery care with lite housekeeping, and baby laundry. I do this during the day when baby is asleep. I charge for 16 hrs per 24 hr shift with a sliding scale.
Wave Cycle Doula Care
Justine Cullinane
Santa Cruz , California 95062
(510) 374-0336

As a Full Spectrum Doula, I meet people exactly where they are at, providing support through varying reproductive transitions. My services include individual prenatal education and birth preparation, continual doula support throughout labor and birth, newborn, new parent, and new family care throughout the postpartum period, and support through pregnancy loss or abortion. My goal is for you to feel safe, heard, and held throughout any momentous reproductive transition. I am currently accepting birth and postpartum clients for 2021. Feel free to reach out!
Sound Bliss Yoga & Births
Aya Dunin
PO Box 1384
Los Gatos , CA 95031
(415) 6199837

Holistic & Mindfulness-centered Birth Worker. Pregnancy & Postpartum Care. Pre/postnatal Yoga. Theta Healing™ & InnerYoga™. Trauma informed offerings, in English, French, and Spanish. Private sessions, group classes, shakti circles, workshop, retreats.
Karen Ehrlich, CPM, LM
Santa Cruz , CA
(831) 425-3326

Not seeing your provider until 6 weeks postpartum? TLC mother/baby visits in the peace of your own home. Homebirth midwife of 40 years offers basic wellness checkups for both mom and babe, newborn screening tests, counsel for this tender transition to life with your infant. Terms negotiable.
Emiliy Flynn
7145 Hihn Rd
Ben Lomond , CA 95005
(610) 7627354
http://7145 Hihn Rd

I provide postpartum daytime services, some birth and overnight doula services, postpartum and pregnancy consulting services, infant sleep basics classes, and sleep adjustment consultation services. I am also an advanced doula trainer at Luma Yoga.
Full Moon Birth and Family Wellness Center
Sunshine Tomlin, LM
701 Mission St
Santa Cruz , CA 95060
(831) 454-8031

Full Moon Family Wellness and Birth Center offers services beginning with fertility, throughout the childbearing year and beyond. We have services for every family regardless of intended place of birth. Nourishing individuals, families, and our community.
Golden Mandala Birth
Emma Marie Whelan
5624 Freedom Boulevard
Aptos , CA 95003
(415) 6374764

I am an Innate Postpartum Care Provider and doula, offering families full-spectrum support & education prenatally to prepare for birth and postpartum. I am devoted to centering mother's thriving through their transformative, postpartum passage ~ especially the initial 40 days following the birth of their baby. I share hands-on healing modalities and emphasize pillars of nourishment that create ripples of health through the mothers, and therefore through the nervous system of the baby and family as a whole. I also offer: prenatal & postpartum meditation & gentle yoga, belly painting rituals & blessing way ceremonies, photography (prenatal, birth & postpartum), postpartum abyanga (warm oil) massages, postpartum cooking and more
Melissa Harrell, Doula
Melissa Harrell
310 Farmer St
Felton , CA 95018
(408) 205-1986

I am a birth and postpartum doula serving Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties. My holistic services draw on the doula tradition combined with scientific research, evidence-based practice, yoga, and mindfulness.
Ananda Doula Care
Ana Hernandez
Santa Cruz County , CA
(831) 239-4893

I love integrating my background in parenting and bilingual education within the holistic services I provide women and their families as a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula. As a certified Innate Postpartum Care Provider I support the physiologic needs of the newborn mother/baby to promote optimal postpartum healing, health and well-being. Bilingual services and discounts available.
Holistic Sister
Gretchen Retka
Santa Cruz , CA 95063
(218) 851-7556

Certified Professional Birth Activist & Postpartum doula services
Massage Therapist
Placenta encapsulation
Ariana Kaback
Santa Cruz , CA 95076
(310) 560-8306

Ariana Kaback is a certified birth and postpartum doula who serves expecting families through the birthing process. Ariana partners with mothers in owning their birthing journey with a deep commitment to offering each family a strong foundation of care and support. Focusing on holistic health, Ariana acts as a guide offering a wide range of evidence-based birth and postpartum support plans that care for the mother, baby, and the family unit. Ariana is an empathic, gentle, and nurturing advocate as she empowers birthing mothers to make the best decisions for themselves and the lives they are bringing into the world.

Offerings: Bilingual (Spanish; English), Birth and Postpartum Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum Chef, Meal Prep Support, Mother Blessing Ceremonies, Maternal Yoga Teacher, Sibling Support, Backup Doula
Lavender Moon
Olivia Levine-Gorelick
4875 Old San Jose Road
Soquel , California 95073
(510) 7868138

I am a birth and postpartum doula serving Santa Cruz County. I support people through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. I also offer special services, such as placenta preparation and encapsulation and energy work. I am currently accepting birth and postpartum clients.
One Drop Botanicals
Crystal Lyons
(831) 818-4562

Loving, nurturing care for new mothers and families in Santa Cruz and surrounding areas. As a mother of three, Crystal brings knowledge and compassion to her work and holds the postpartum season in high regard as a very sacred time in life to be honored and protected. Trained herbalist, birth and postpartum doula, certified essential oil bodywork practitioner and wellness consultant offering herbal products & education, belly casting and blessingway ceremonies. It is her joy to serve clients with a calm, humble Spirit of gratitude and reverence.
Magnolia Dream Doula Services
Vanessa Ortega
Salinas , CA
(831) 9753442

I am an Indigenous birth & postpartum doula. Being of Indigenous roots myself, I understand the complexities & trauma that come along BIPOC parents & their journey to bring new life into this world. I want to be a voice & advocate in whichever my clients wishes are.
Shell Mc Neal
Santa Cruz , Ca
(831) 359-5852

Exhausted and overwhelmed parenting a newborn, or afraid you will be? Did your birth not go as expected and you're not sure where to turn? I'm here to help you recover, transform and thrive. I've been serving families in the Post Partum period since 2004. I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Post Partum Doula, and I love helping families create innovative ways to make Post Partum a time to connect and enjoy. I offer night and day time respite care, birth review, help with older children, breast and bottle feeding support and education on infant behavior.
Mother- to - Mother Doula Service
Salle Webber
Santa Cruz County , CA
(831) 331-6158

Santa Cruz's original postpartum doula, with 32 years local experience, offering personal, professional, flexible in-home care for postpartum families. Honoring the tender weeks following childbirth, I support mother, newborn, home and family with nurturing care, relevant information, and gentle guidance. Author of "The Gentle Art of Newborn Family Care"
Nantzin Birth Medicine; Integral Midwifery Services
Nantzin-Nancy Maldonado
Salinas , CA 93906
(831) 905-5927

Formed as a Certified Nurse Midwife and nurtured as a Mexican Traditional Midwife, I offer eclectic midwifery services that weave contemporary and ancestral knowledge and skills to care for birthing families. I carry and share 21 years of experience supporting and guiding families through their own and unique journey from pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond.

As a midwife of color, I am committed to support Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in the Northern Central Coast including families in Santa Cruz County.
Peanuts and Parents Birth Photography and Doula Services
Cristy Solomon
Santa Cruz , CA
(510) 4219092

Cristy Solomon is a student midwife offering birth photography and experienced doula support and education to all families, encouraging them to empower themselves throughout the childbearing year. She is also a Breastfeeding Counselor and a Certified Educator of Infant Massage.
Pomegranate Birth Companion
Julianne Bellin
(831) 291.3620

I offer birth and postpartum support with a focus on QTBIPoC families, perinatal rituals, maintain a Jewish perinatal database, and sell reusable menstrual and nursing pads. I advocate for your desires and needs. You deserve the safe, healthy, happy birth YOU want. Always sliding scale. Queer mixed race business.
Primrose and Lace
Vanessa Wennstrom
Santa Cruz County & Beyond , CA
(831) 325-5030

As a Postpartum Doula and Lactation Counselor, CLC, I am honored to support our local families as they transition through each new journey. Providing elegant yet functional nursing bras via regular pop-ups and as Mobile Nursing Bra fittings, I bring the collection to you in the comfort of your home. Placenta encapsulation, lactation counseling, postpartum doula services also offered. Please see website for more details!