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Board of Directors

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Laura Maxson, LM, CPM
Executive Director
Laura Maxson has been the director of Birth Network since 1998. She first became an advocate in the early '80s after experiencing a lack of information and choice around birth and breastfeeding. The mother of three grown children, Laura has worked with women as a breastfeeding counselor, childbirth educator, doula, and homebirth midwife. She has written the Birth Matters column in Growing up in Santa Cruz since 2000 and is currently providing in-home lactation support.
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Megan Bunch, BD(DONA), CBE
Megan Bunch has been serving expectant parents since 2001 as a birth doula, prenatal yoga instructor and childbirth educator. She enjoys helping families navigate the variety of options available to them as they prepare and experience birth and new parenting. Megan joined the Birth Network Board in 2005 to help connect local families to the numerous resources available to them in and around Santa Cruz County.
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Stephanie Kerwin, CLD
Stephanie became interested in birth work following the birth of her son in 2002 and began training as a doula and attending births. She is passionate about women knowing their options in childbirth and supporting their choices during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. In addition to her doula work, Stephanie is currently attending Midwives College of Utah and pursuing a degree in Midwifery. She looks forward to serving women in her community as a licensed midwife
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Kymm Ann Wallin, CD, CMP
Kymm Ann has served women and families in the childbearing year since 1996, working as a doula, massage therapist, midwife assistant, and a volunteer activist. Kymm Ann feels blessed to have been pregnant and birthed in the Santa Cruz birth community where we have many options for care. She realizes that it is the grassroots work of many that helps ensure these choices are available to women, hence she serves as a board member with Birth Network of Santa Cruz County.
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