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Providers for Midwife (Hospital)

In Santa Cruz County, midwives in the hospital are Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) and work with OB/GYNs at Dominican Hospital and/or Sutter Maternity and Surgery Center. Watsonville Community Hospital does not have midwives at this time. A hospital midwife is a trained birth professional who provides primary care for women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Hospital midwives can care for women needing inductions, augmentations, and other moderate risk conditions, as well as work collaboratively with obstetricians. Prenatal visits are generally about 15 minutes but may run shorter or longer. Midwives usually see women at least once during their postpartum hospital stay, with women returning to the office for a six-week visit. There are also a few midwives who do prenatal care only.


Resources listed are provided for your information only; please interview and choose carefully to find the care that is right for you.